Word Of The Day – 9/10/14

WORD OF THE DAY WHINE /wʌɪn/ Meaning: Verb Give or make a long, high-pitched complaining cry or sound. Complain in a feeble or petulant way. Noun A long, high-pitched complaining cry. A complaining tone of voice. Usage: The dog whined and scratched at the back door. She began to whine about how hard she had […]

Word Of The Day – 8/10/14

WORD OF THE DAY SPLATTER /ˈsplætə(r)/ Meaning: Verb Splash with a liquid, typically a thick or viscous one. Splash (a liquid) over a surface or object. (INFORMAL) Prominently or sensationally publish (a story) in a newspaper. Noun A spot or trail of a thick or viscous liquid splashed over a surface or object. (INFORMAL) Denoting […]

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