Word Of The Day – 15/10/14

WORD OF THE DAY GREGARIOUS(Adjective) /ɡrɪˈɡeəriəs/ Meaning: Enjoying the company of other people; sociable. (of animals) Living together in herds or flocks. (of plants) Growing close together but not in dense clusters. Usage: He is naturally gregarious, and the work obviously suits him. A gregarious child ran up to every person on the playground and […]

Word Of The Day – 14/10/14

WORD OF THE DAY SMITE /smaɪt/ Meaning: Verb Strike with a firm blow. Defeat or conquer (a people or land). (smitten) Be strongly attracted to someone or something. Noun A heavy blow or stroke with a weapon or the hand. Usage: He vowed that he would smite his enemy. He smote the ball mightily. They’ve […]

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