Face Recognition – The Key To A Secure Workplace

Unauthorized entry to the office premises is not the only major threat in the current day. Offices are prone to vandalism, theft, commercial espionage, terrorism and fraud. Though the regular practice of issuing identification badges to every visitor to the building is followed, how efficient it is?

Technology is getting incredibly stronger each day. Facial recognition technology solutions, hotcakes, provides a much more effective and reliable process of tracking visitors and developing a security check. This AI-powered automatic system captures the facial features of a person, adding an extra layer of security to the premises. So, how does this work?

There will be a series of mounted cameras which would capture the image of an individual. The images captured from various angles are processed by the computer and is securely stored in the database. The data is synced with other information which would help in the identification of the individual in the visitor management system. A numerical code is often used to capture and identify the different facial features of humans, which includes the jawline, cheekbone, nose, forehead, mouth, and shape of the face. This process helps in concentrating on certain features and differentiating a person from others.

Facial identification scanners are ahead of the conventional fingerprint or retina scanners. The facial recognition scanners offer seamless verification and are less intrusive. The facial recognition technology provides a much safer, more electronically prudent, reliable method of tracking office visitors, making the system efficient. The question is how we can make the best use of the technology.

The biggest advantage of the facial recognition system is access control. The traditional access cards or fingerprint scanners can easily be manipulated. And here is where the facial recognition technology is effective. Face matching allows the system to adopt a more reliable approach in granting access and permission to an individual, making the system more robust and granting ease to the administration. Access control to your office is now easy.

Tracking the visitor in a building can be challenging, even in an office with small premises. A visitor can get lost while in a big establishment, a case where face recognition could track and help him/her. The facial recognition system could differentiate between an employee and a visitor, adding an extra layer of security. The system could also help in controlling unauthorized access. Visitor control is now easy.

Once a person is blacklisted by an organisation, it’s easier for them to track the movements once the individual enters the premises and observe if any offending activities are taking place. The security quotient just got upped.

The advent of facial recognition technology has made way for complete security automation in making a reliable security system. The system cuts down human intervention to a great extent for every step of identification. When a visitor visits again, the system can recognize the person and give him/her the necessary access. The system can identify the employees while negating the probability of any malpractices.

In recent news, Dubai police were able to nab 319 crime suspects with the help of 5000 AI-powered cameras installed in various parts of the city. The government has decided to use this technology to the maximum to realise the dream of “Zero Crime” city. The Kolkata police have installed over 3000 AI cameras in the city to armour the city against crime. AI cameras play a major role in keeping the premises, be it office space or cities, safe and crime-free.

Whether your company is big or small, it’s ideal to apply facial recognized authentication system, upping your security factor. We at Nuventure, put our skills and 10 years of experience into building reliable and efficient Artificial Intelligence (AI) based face recognition system for the industry. Let’s embrace the future.

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