CSSDeck – Learn crazy CSS

CSSDeck - Learn crazy CSS

This week’s write-up is about CSSDeck, literally a deck filled with lots of amazing CSS codes. The Labs section is the primary part of this site, with the intention to allow users to share, edit and collaborate on creating and debugging HTML, CSS and JS codes. The site also allows to send in “cool crazy stuff created with the powers of CSS3 and JS” that they could feature in the gallery helping the creator “get some fame as well as helping others learn about the cutting edge practices and methodologies“. In addition to these, there are codecasts that users can create or watch to help with the learning experience.

Interested enough ? What are you waiting for ? Take a look @ CSSDeck.

A few interesting examples of crazy CSS stuff (Watch the codecasts to learn how these were created 😉 ):

  1. Pac Pac Pac
  2. Flickr Loader
  3. Macbook icon

A shack of designs

DesignShack - The One stop designs site.

Over the last few weeks, we have been sharing details about sites that people like you and me could find handy sometimes. This week’s write-up is about DesignShack. This is a site dedicated to showcasing inspiring web designs along with the resources that you could use to succeed in the same way. The authors curate the latest happenings in design section of the Internet leading to articles, tutorials and designs which can be termed as crème de la crème. DesignShack not only show you the best web designs but also enable you to create stuff like those.

The site offers membership as well as an RSS feed for those who want to get regular updates. There are 3 main sections, namely Articles, Gallery and hidden section of Freebies. While you can find the first two sections right on the home page menu, the Freebies is listed under the Articles section.

Take a sneak peek @ DesignShack

A few articles that we recommend

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