What is smart manufacturing?

Smart manufacturing is a buzzword that’s garnering a lot of attention recently. It has made its way into Gartner’s charts many times, and after the COVID crisis, many will be looking into smart manufacturing. But what exactly is it? Let’s have a look.  What is smart manufacturing? Smart manufacturing is not a single technology, but […]

Privacy in the Age of IoT

With the increasing number of IoT devices on the planet, every human being’s privacy is facing a threat never seen before. By 2025, the number of IoT devices on the planet is expected to be more than 30.9 billion. IoT devices may be even more ubiquitous than smartphones in the near future. And while the […]

Fleet Management using IoT

Managing a large fleet of vehicles is an important aspect of many businesses. Logistics, cab services, vehicle rental services, or even scooter rentals require maintaining a large fleet. Earlier, fleet management meant periodic inspections, a long maintenance log; basically a ton of tedious repetitive tasks. Using the internet of things or IoT, fleet management is […]

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